To the Society of Classical Poets,
The website you have is great for starting poets.
I don’t know what I would have done without your help.
I can be called a poet because of your help.
May your anthology be filled with great poems,
And may you prosper for selecting my poems.
There’s much that has to be done in this field of work.
Most people cannot comprehend this field of work.
Poetry is written for all the world to see.
Many believe that anything written can be
Called poetry for the sake of posterity.
Well, let me inform you that prose and poetry
Are opposites of each other and cannot be
Be the same thing. To say that there’s prose poetry
Is like saying that there’s a color called “black white”.
It’s preposterous; black is not the same as white.
Black cannot be white, white cannot be black. They are
Opposites of each other. To people who are
In the opinion that free verse is poetry,
Metered verse is the true source of good poetry.



Steve Johns is a poet and playwright living in DeKalb, Illinois.

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