By Nostradamus (1503-1566) | Translated by Juanita Hamilton


X 76

The great Senate will award the pageant,
To one who’s then vanquished, driven out;
For adherents, the sound of the trumpet,
Property on sale, enemy chased out.

Le grand Senat decernera la pompe,
A vn qu’apres sera vaincu, chassé :
Des adherans seront à son de trompe,
Biens publiez. ennemy dechassé.


Possible meaning: The “great Senate” will allow Hillary to rise (be awarded “the pageant,” which possibly means the Democratic nomination or election victory itself) then fall (be “vanquished” and “driven out”) and Trump (“the trumpet” or “de trompe”) will ascend, meaning either Trump himself will be president or the problematic issues he raises will necessarily be addressed. Pay-to-play corruption, ignoring human rights in China while giving it “most favored nation” trade status, and bloated and dysfunctional bureaucracies are all an “enemy” that will end one way or another.


Juanita Hamilton is an educator and poet from Michigan.


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  1. Lucy Cortese


    Time’s not constant it can be changed
    Days on a calendar be rearranged
    To fit the whim of emperor or king
    History reveals what Romans did bring

    Mighty Caesar such an arrogant cad
    Added 2 months for him and his dad
    July and August placed before September
    2017…DON-uary and TRUMP-tember?


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