It could be a horse thief, or maybe a rustler,
A card shark, a pimp, or a sleazy-eyed hustler.
A finish on wood that can add to its luster
Or moisture on metal that causes some ruster.
A Crème Brulee, or a Bavarian custard,
French sauce delicious with finest of mustard.
Your boss Phil, who is a Procrustean cruster.
Alas, you’d be wrong, but wait, please do not fluster.

In halls of the Congress when Senators cluster,
Their chins in each other’s long faces will thruster,
They’re blowing hot air like a tropical guster,
And Spittle from faces is flung in a fluster.
They hem and they haw and babble and bluster,
Succeeding as well as did General Custer,
Each side always groping for sixty to muster
While nothing gets done—now that’s a filibuster.

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  1. Father Richard Libby

    Well done – and pretty much accurate, at least according to the modern usage!


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