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12 Responses

  1. Ron L. Hodges

    Though I respect well-constructed open form poetry, I have always gravitated toward closed form poetry (both to read as well as write) because it contains a loftiness of expression, a beauty, often missing from open form poems. Also, too much modern poetry, in my opinion, appears to be written less for communication and more to build an elitist wall around the poet and his or her cabal. So, I was extremely pleased to find a repository for well-written classical form poetry!

  2. Angela Porter

    I am one of the few British members of The Classical Poetry Society, and very pleased/proud? of its aims. I have enjoyed much that I have read so far.

  3. James Irving Mann

    Love is born in your soul through soft, tender sighs
    Then flies out of control as it Personifies.

  4. benjamen grinberg

    great. a thought on timing. i tend to wake up at 130 and exercise/meditate and study. by 4am i’m usually well on my way. but i find the rest of the world no longer keeps the sunrise sunset schedule. may i suggest getting the new poems up before the sun rises? just a thought. thank you.


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