By Joshua Philipp

The winds of change, so soft they blow.
In the blink of an eye, a thousand years.
Immeasurable is the great river’s flow,
to sail, one must remove his fears.

So fine, the ship on which we ride,
with wind to carry all the sails.
Across dark waters we gently glide.
Yet billowing waves begin to wail.

Not frail, the walls of this great ship,
yet crew still hides beneath the deck.
With fears aside and leadership,
This boat I’ll not allow to wreck.

The clouds do part, and the sun does shine.
Soon our destination we shall find.


Notes: Samsara refers to the cycle of reincarnation in Buddhism.

Joshua Philipp is a newspaper editor, writer, and poet living in Astoria, New York City. He is vice president of the Society of Classical Poets.

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