By Yolanda Marín-Parker

Mathematics is
The language that nature speaks
To the human fool.

Fool – man is – for not
Listening to the wonder,
Patterns and numbers.

Math is everywhere:
From the money that you owe,
To the leaves in trees.

Structure of nature,
The science of medicine,
Chaos without math!

Shuttle soars in space,
Bridges span across rivers,
Falling without math!

Our world without math,
Like dividing by zero,
Exist? – it cannot!


Yolanda Marín-Parker is a retired Math teacher living in Clinton Twp., Michigan.

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3 Responses

  1. Amy W

    I teach math at the University of Alaska, and am working on an MFA. One project for my MFA is to edit and self-publish a book of math haikus. May I include these?

  2. Amy W

    I”ll give you credit. If there is any profit (I’m not holding my breath) I will share it among everyone who contributes.

  3. Yolanda Marin-Parker

    I am honored that you would consider publishing my haikus. I am not a very good poet, but haikus fascinate me. I know haikus are usually about nature, but I tell my students math is in all nature! Yes, you have my permission. Thank you.


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