Relatively young artist Erik Koeppel walks in the footsteps of giants from the Hudson River School. The below is from his latest blog entry on his current exhibition:

“Those who know my work know that I show and sell frequently beside historic artwork, particularly beside 19th Century American Landscape Paintings from the Hudson River School. That’s why Joe Panarelli, the Director of McColl Fine Art, decided to hang my paintings beside Alfred Thompson Bricher, George Inness, and others at the 60th Annual Theta Charity Antiques Show in Houston, TX this weekend.  Although I don’t have all the details, I’ve heard from Joe that there was a dispute at the show on hanging day as to whether my work should be allowed to hang. It was not because of the quality of the work, but because of my birth year, 1980. My understanding is that words were spoken, and voices were raised with the authorities at the show, but in the end my paintings were allowed to hang!

“So with special thanks to Joe Panarelli and McColl Fine Art, I’m happy to say that my paintings are currently on view at the Theta Antiques Show. I hope if you’re in Houston you’ll check it out, and see for yourself if I should be allowed to hang beside Bricher or not.”

Featured Image: “Heart of the Wilderness” by Koeppel oil on canvas 35″x 46″

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  1. neal Whitman

    His painting inspired haiku.
    guarding the river
    in the heart of wilderness
    the last sentry

    Amicus poeticae,


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