A Squinting gaze through the fog and the haze
A glimpse at a shimmer while in a daze
Brief yet bright, its beauty light is luring
Something has gotten the spirit stirring
Awaken you, my forgotten real goal
Time to return to the home of my soul

Finding a path, joyfully shedding tears
Waiting for oh, so many countless years
Now every new moment is coming so fast
Arriving more beautiful than the last
Awakening here on a righteous way
Deviance is loosing places to stay

While the wind and waves continue to come
The challenges begin to drum and drum
Pounding again and again and again
Breaking the heart and mind, bearing the pain
Seeing a glimpse of true higher purity
This space and time, shocking absurdity

Shedding all emotions, climbing higher
Letting go desires, never tire
Heart expands filling with divine mercy
Amidst benevolence able to see
Divine endurance waits ever longer
Gives one cause to pause, and simply ponder

The path ones walked and the path up ahead
Some indeed made it, some have fallen dead
So many beings here there fly and fall
Who can truly rise, stand above it all
Unshaken diligence, a new being
Through true cultivation, one is seeing

Pain and suffering, visions of beauty
Trials and virtue builds divinity
Continued purging to the perfection
Meeting complete, final consummation
Standing with dignity firm, tall and stern
One of heaven’s beings has returned


By Zenon Dolnyckyj: I am a 32-year-old Canadian living in New York City.  I am a health and fitness professional. This poem is inspired from my practice in Falun Gong.  

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