All Such Poets Emit Great Delight.

All such poets emit great delight.
In such darkness they radiate light.
Though despite the demise,
They continue to rise.
All such poets continue to write!


In Soul Sleeps Love, in Newborn Slumber Bay

In soul sleeps love, in newborn, slumber bay.
Thou scatter ample budded, breasted rose;
These blossoms silken bodies, purest way.
Shall age-long spirit awaken from doze.
Such tiny feelings, sometimes, flutter fast.
Such cherubs hover over heaven gates,
Gold flickers, kindle warmness, kindness lasts.
Wings, zealous, pursue bonding sacred Fate.
Alas! You never beacon tempting lure,
Less wisdom surface, set maturing eyes,
Or moral changes into dead allure.
I, waiting patient, sitting here surmise:

Swift love so kind shall magical appear.
Away temptation! Pious love endear!


In Light of Winter

Winter wind that howls
and fowls the ache of my soul.
Thou angry chill comes.

That kind kiss of his doth rise,
and makes it hard to despise.

Blizzards flail and blind
The stars, mind caught in the bleak
Catacombs of snow.

Rising suns appear to beam.
Gentle love we stitch to seam.

Rain hurtles callous
And sheds malice in sky tears,
Attacking spirit.

Love makes itself through fire.
Slays pain with its desire.

Clouds strike a fist of
Zeus, kills the dove and blankets
Red in the pale snow.

Evil’s wick shall burn no flame.
Golden hearts put all to shame.

Pitch of darkness reigns,
Hope feigns and shakes and steadies,
Flowers cast shadows.

Zeal seeks and seeps through the black.
Vile storms resume to lack.

Trees stretch to pull sun
From the heavens. Done with the
Flood of sad and cold.

Hearts grazed the wrath of grimness.
Set grand warmth into primness.

Winter creeps away
And falls into sleep. Slipping
And frayed turned to change.

Such passion brings wings to thee.
Sin vanquished brings spring to me.

Note about this poem: Rengas have been known to be hundreds of lines long but I kept to thirty-five lines, one line shorter than the popular Japanese form of the Kasen.


Brief Bio: Lacey Longpre’ is attending Pierce College Puyallup in Washington state. She plans to earn her MA in Creative Writing at Western Washington University and become a published author and college professor. Lacey was published the previous year in the Creative Communication Anthology, A Celebration of Poets.

These poems are among the entries for the Society of Classical Poets’ 2012 Poetry Competition.

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