People always offer opinions and advice,
As to what you should or shouldn’t do,
Though they can barely manage themselves,
They seem to know what’s best for you.

An old friend offers relationship advice,
As he talks about his latest divorce,
He always blames his latest ex-wife,
And I just nod and say “But, of course.”

Another friend offers financial advice,
Talking stocks and bonds on the phone,
I’d probably take him a bit more seriously,
If he hadn’t called to ask for a loan.

A neighbor cornered me the other day,
Bragging about her new diet,
If she wasn’t still 400 pounds herself,
Perhaps I would like to try it.

Another comes over to share with me,
Their latest sure-fire scheme to get rich,
It’ll be something totally different next week,
And they’ll be back with a whole new pitch.

Whether who to vote for, or what to wear,
Or to what church I really should go,
Where I should live, or what I should eat,
They always act like they know.

It’s amazing how people see problems in others,
Without knowing that much about me,
But somehow the problems in their own lives,
Are something they can’t really see.



Alan W. Jankowski is the award winning author of well over one hundred short stories, plays and poems. His stories have been published online, and in various journals including Oysters & Chocolate, Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal, eFiction Magazine, Zouch, The Rusty Nail, and a few others he can’t remember at the moment. His poetry has more recently become popular, and his 9-11 Tribute poem was used extensively in ceremonies during the tenth anniversary of this tragic event.
When he is not writing, which is not often, his hobbies include music and camera collecting. He currently resides in New Jersey. He always appreciates feedback of any kind on his work, and can be reached by e-mail at:

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4 Responses

  1. Gillian Williams

    I love it! I think we can all identify with this whether it was done to us or whether we do it to others 🙂
    I am a budding poet myself and I love these kinds of real life, not-unfathomable poems.

    Thank you 🙂


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