If I were dying, would you ask me to stay
Until the Divine came to take me away
From the Earthly protection of your arms,
Ascending as energy, leaving your charms?

Would you kiss me tender, say in my ear,
Please go now with spirit, I love you dear,
As my soul departed to infinity’s gate
With spirit to stay and patiently wait?

Caressing my face, with your loving fingers,
Felling the love that forever lingers,
With my indigo angel, finally left behind,
Holding me tender, forever in your mind,

As my body went limp, I’d hear you weep,
Spirit take my flame, please safely keep
My twin with you, until again we meet,
As ascended lovers, once more complete,

You know my heart, how it loves you so,
Forever with you wherever you may go,
The power of our love forever bonded,
Long after my spirit has absconded,

To shine always as a star in your sky,
Knowing it’s only so long, never goodbye,
For pure indigo love always lives on,
Long after one twin sadly is gone,

Because that’s the nature of love’s bond,
Transcending the ages, infinite beyond,
Waiting with spirit to be reunited,
Once more twin flames, will be ignited,

As shooting stars, blazing forth forever,
Displayed as light, death couldn’t sever,
Long after I’m gone, forever I’ll be,
A part of your heart, unconditionally,

For indigo love burns, never fades,
Even when time, itself degrades,
Until once more, to Earth we return,
Finding our love, to forever burn.
Clayton has self published his first book of conscious poetry, Empathic Pastures and now eBook version.He often remarks how words can harm, or heal a spirit, and in his case, poetry saved his life. A simple poem posted on social media, caused 5 women to say he had value, worth and that life was worth living. Empathic pastures are the compilation of that journey from self destruction to resurrection and the steps in between. Its message’s intended to heal those lost in their own despair and say, love awaits you, and it gets better.

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