William Storck has painted professionally for over 30 years. His work is in private collections throughout the United States as well as public and corporate collections. The artist spends a great deal of time studying the elements first hand; from the front door of his studio to the middle of the Chesapeake Bay is a ten-minute trip in his boat Firefly.

In his paintings, William Storck strives to integrate water, land, sky and sailing vessels into carefully balanced, luminescent and timeless images. His work can be viewed at Cavalier Galleries in Nantucket, Massachusetts or Greenwich, Connecticut as well as Gardner-Colby Gallery in Naples, Florida and closer to home at Troika Gallery in Easton Maryland. The artist’s studio, Swan Cove, is located on his family’s farm in Annapolis, Maryland.

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  1. Bruce Dale Wise

    On the horizon—Is it Chesapeake?
    amidst the schooners, sails the Amistad,
    in brilliant, distant, luminescent peace,
    the misty cloudlets, like the masts, in shade.
    What do they seek? Can it be had, made, held?
    The lines of water mirror th’ atmosphere,
    its aura and its air, its open world,
    that melds as one in inhere’d harmony.
    So clean, so clear, it almost seems as if
    it isn’t in these here United States,
    as if it were beyond—aloft, a lift
    to th’ edge of paradise, at heaven’s gates,
    Elysian, golden, azure, white and pink,
    surprisingly empty of humanity.


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