The greatest writers are the teachers;
The paper is their pupil;
Each sheet defiantly stretches
With a stark blank, diffused will.

But, the teacher writes a story
To fill minds, however plain,
Crafting a rich tale of glory,
Inspiring from the mundane.

So their wills are all together
Unified in a story arc,
Pleasing and sturdy bound leather,
The future craftsman’s bench mark.


The greatest writers are the teachers,
Humbly yielding to blank page,
Quietly in the void searches
For future artist or sage.

Seeking the predestined story
That is waiting to be told,
Focusing what now seems blurry,
Sifting the mud from the gold.

Their students are the great heroes
In the future’s giant plot;
Letting go of their large egos,
Teachers know what they are not.


The greatest writers are the teachers,
They, themselves, are each a book;
The students are the apt readers,
At each word they take a look.

The teachers’ thoughts, views, and morals
Are the underlying theme;
How they maneuver life’s pitfalls,
What they deem a lofty dream.

If their tale is moving, captures
Their students’ imagination,
Then the final scene is rapture
And helps guide future nations.



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  1. Jim

    Yes! Yes! Yes! well done true and faithful teacher from one who knows, well said, well done! From a retired teacher of 26 years.


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