Duffy Sheridan has been painting since he was a child. His father, also an artist, encouraged him to learn to paint anything and everything. He has traveled the world and dedicated his artistic life to the discovery and expression of beauty as he sees it.

Although he and his family spent many years in relative seclusion in the far corners of the world, Sheridan’s work has attracted the attention of collectors on five continents.

Since returning to the United States in 1991, his work has received international acclaim and he has been designated a Living Master™ by the Art Renewal Center.

His paintings can be found in prestigious institutions from a Cathedral in the South Pacific to the US Air Force Academy to corporate headquarters in Manhattan, as well as in the private residences of kings, judges, bishops, doctors and collectors all over the world.

Sheridan feels that he is in the process of learning to appreciate the richness of humankind and has come to believe that the purpose of his work should be “to magnify the dignity and nobility of the human spirit and the singular beauty of all things. When people look at one of my paintings, I’d like them to see that humans, indeed, are noble beings.”

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  1. Bruce Dale Wise


    She stands against the wind in tan hat, long blue skirt,
    and a white, lacy blouse. With left hand she defends
    her hat, and with her right, she’s steadied and immert
    upon the gray and weather-beaten, wooden fence.
    Here is a classic beauty far removed from Greece;
    near fragile, yellow flowers, gold, without pretense,
    beneath white clouds, beside an endless azure sea.
    You can see for forever on a clear day; look
    at Duffy Sheridan’s breathtaking painting. She ,
    revealing ideality in the real, cool,
    a woman gazing off, is holding in the cur-
    rent, like the rock in water spray, a lovely coup.


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