Department stores are nice
But prices there are high
If you’ve got lots of cash
They’ve lots of things to buy

But if you’re like most folks
Just trying to make do
You’ll want to save some bucks
But get a bargain too

I know a type of place
That isn’t hard to find
Where you can stop to shop
And still have peace of mind

It’ll have what you require
Deals there are glorious
No need for debt most dire
Thrift’ll be victorious

It’s like Utopia
A great big bargain mine
A cornucopia
Of stuff that’s mighty fine

Washers, tools, lawnmowers
Books that are very old
Antiques, art, and armchairs
And dishes edged with gold

Buttons, brooms, and cow bells
Snowshoes and winter boots
Radios and tvs
Harmonicas and flutes

Old china cabinets
Candles with fancy scents
Sheets and pillowcases
Knick-knacks and ornaments

Coins, carvings, and curtains
Paintings and flower pots
And boxes of treasure
That are known as “job lots”

Should you need to hearken
To Frugality’s call
Then just head on over
To a great Auction Hall!


Canadian poet, Kathy Figueroa, lives in a rugged rural area of Ontario known as, “Cottage Country.” This beautiful, scenic region and its inhabitants have often provided the inspiration for the poetry she writes. Kathy likes to create the old-fashioned style of verse that tells a story and serves to entertain an audience. Well-known to newspaper readers in the Bancroft area, Kathy’s poems have been published since 2006 and her freelance newspaper articles and photographs first appeared in 2004. Kathy’s first book, “Paudash Poems,” was published in 2012.

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