No one could recall
When, in days of yore,
The calm York River
Had so breached its shore,

Or where such places
Roiling water went!
Remarked one and all,
“‘Tis a rare event!”

So, with great surprise
The deluge was met
As downtown Bancroft
Began to get wet…

The riverside parks
Were inundated!
Main street had a tide!
For days, folks waited

For the torrential
Water to subside,
As rising levels
Were anxiously eyed.

Yards became big ponds
That held fish and trucks!
‘Twas a soggy scene
Fit for frogs and ducks!

But folks in Bancroft
Were spared from the worst,
For the river dam
Held and didn’t burst.

After such a scare
Maybe in each park
Bancroft should see fit
To install an ark!


Canadian poet, Kathy Figueroa, lives in a rugged rural area of Ontario known as, “Cottage Country.” This beautiful, scenic region and its inhabitants have often provided the inspiration for the poetry she writes. Kathy likes to create the old-fashioned style of verse that tells a story and serves to entertain an audience. Well-known to newspaper readers in the Bancroft area, Kathy’s poems have been published since 2006 and her freelance newspaper articles and photographs first appeared in 2004. Kathy’s first book, “Paudash Poems,” was published in 2012.

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