Come, tell me your story, master of prose.
Use elements of the proper language
To sway me to your side, and if all goes
Well, hallowed will your words be on the page.

So many things in common do we share,
Like our emotional sincerity,
Our love for beauty, and genuine care
For words, which have such unbound purity.

But I feel we can take our prose higher.
It is the basis of my argument,
For my rhymes, and it’s my greatest desire
That all may hear what I so here present.

It is my intention to speak clearly,
Not to chide, or ever to belittle
All that you endeavor, but if dearly
You love this art form, it takes a little

Practice, perseverance, patience, and time,
To get it right. No one’s born omniscient,
And this relates to poetry, to fine
Prose, so words in practice are words well spent.

Surely, my point must be perfectly clear.
The best poetry I have ever heard
Have echoed words like music to my ears,
Have rhymes that now I cherish word for word.

There’s no doubt a poem is a poem
When the echoed words, good or bad, are there.
With prose, I don’t know what to make of them,
Most being simply stories—dry, threadbare.

Our rhymes must be like couples seeking love,
Or loved ones making complements of two,
Who, together, synergistically move
To do what not one single word can do.

They are much like couples on the dance floor,
Each part of every pair well synchronized
With the other, each one being much more
As part of two than one soul can realize.

We may begin our verses without rhyme,
To get our bearings, and to figure out
What we want to say, but let’s take the time
To move one step higher, and leave no doubt

That what we’ve written is more than a prose,
Blank verse, or free verse poem; let’s echo,
And we’ll be remembered longer than those
Poets who don’t, and care less to do so.

But, it’s okay if gift for rhyme is lacking,
And your Muses bar this undertaking,
For I’ve seen it happen, time after time,
That they will surely prose who cannot rhyme.


Bio: My name is Eddie Morales known online as edmpoet and in poetry slam circles as M to the infinite power (the letter M to the power of the infinity symbol).  My bachelor degrees are in Hospital Administration and Pharmacy (I am a pharmacist), and have a minor degree in Computing Troubleshooting and Repair.


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