The Old Brown Carpet

Hurray! I don’t have to vacuum
The old, brown carpet, anymore!
At last, I managed to get it
Removed from the dining room floor!

It wasn’t at all difficult
Deciding it really must go,
Its age was indeterminate
But many years of use did show.

Once, it might’ve been quite stylish
And served to enhance the decor,
But I couldn’t wait to lug it
Out of that room and through the door!

Perhaps it was quite attractive
Back when the dinosaurs did roam
But it was a big dust magnet
That I wanted out of my home

Always emitting fuzz and lint,
Maybe ’twas made of such ..and dirt.
I knew that it just had to go
When it made my eyes start to hurt.

Now, if you should chance upon me
And I’m wearing a great big smile,
It’s due to my jubilation
About the dining room ..floor tile!


What Sweet Bliss

What sweet bliss bringest coffee
And a homemade butter tart!
A salve for the hurt ego,
A balm for the aching heart!

Oh, sweet fragrance of dark roast
Fine grind, Fair Trade coffee bean!
Amongst all beverages
Thou surely must be the Queen!

This and the grand confection,
A pastry and sugar blend,
Prepared to peak perfection,
Will, the most sore spirit, mend!


Canadian poet, Kathy Figueroa, lives in a rugged rural area of Ontario known as, “Cottage Country.” This beautiful, scenic region and its inhabitants have often provided the inspiration for the poetry she writes. Kathy likes to create the old-fashioned style of verse that tells a story and serves to entertain an audience. Well-known to newspaper readers in the Bancroft area, Kathy’s poems have been published since 2006 and her freelance newspaper articles and photographs first appeared in 2004. Kathy’s first book, “Paudash Poems,” was published in 2012.

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