Wake to this dawn like no day before you.
Rise to this morning like no other morn.
Night is now past and life can’t ignore you.
Feel in the sunrise your future be born.

Seek every trail the new light may show you.
Open your mind to each challenging thought.
Search for the goodness in those who would know you.
Harness the hope that the new day has brought.

Live well each hour this dawn will afford you,
Use well each minute to honour your soul.
Earn every gift with which life can reward you.
Turn every dream to a meaningful goal.

Smile as each innocent beauty will find you.
Laugh at the ugliness cast in your way.
Break free from memory’s chains that would bind you.
Hate not the past and so love for today.

Wake then to live by your spirit and virtue.
Hold every moment and thought to your heart.
Know then that laughter and love won’t desert you,
Both will be yours ere this day will depart.

Wake then this dawn with angels to guide you.
Rise to this morning like none you have known.
Sleep then this night with love close beside you.
No more to wake to your future, alone.


Born in England, raised on the banks of a river in the Sussex countryside, Jim Scott, from a young age, developed strong spiritual connections with the natural realm. He wasn’t to understand this until later in life when this explained the somewhat unique atavistic philosophies evolving from his extensive travels and often ran against the grain of mainstream thinking. Jim now lives in Canada and spends as much time as he can in the British Virgin Islands where two of his three children were born.

Featured Image: “Sunrise at Tappan Zee” by Francis A. Silva.

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  1. George

    A good spiritual guide – to uplight the spirite of the new traveller. I like the rhyming ‘you’ besause after ayou are the one tha took the journey and knows how and where to go.


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