In the Play Pit

As Cameron stands, cap in hand,
The jailers of New Middleland
Keep a straight face
As they keep him in place
While he signs for their help in their sand.

Poet’s Note: For centuries, China was called the Middle Kingdom. New Middleland suggests its change of status.  This December, UK Prime Minister David Cameron made an official visit to China with a delegation of over 100 UK business people. He had to wait for his visit until he agreed there would be no open dialogue on human rights. He had been critical of Shri Lankan human rights on a visit there and had met with the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan leader frowned upon by the Chinese Communist Party.  Many deals were made with the communist government, including a £4.5 billion contract for Jaguar Land Rover.


Keeping the Human Rights Peace Meal

There’s a guilt-ridden vault in the East
Scaled by a torturous Beast.
It got rich in a spell
Though it’s weighed down as Hell
With the Banks of the West at its Feast.

Poet’s Note: The Chinese economy has made quick and substantial gains on the backs of abusive work practices. Many countries have had their bank balances bolstered by sharing in the profits from these malpractices that include slavery and torture.


Unlocked Box
Those pressing-down cohorts of crooks
Who shadow-box China are spooks.
They’re phantoms in shells
From minor half-hells
Who will go down in Heaven’s bad books.

Poet’s Note: From the perspective of ancient Asian philosophy, Chinese Communist Party members and those who support them can be seen as human skins inhabited by evil beings.


Damian Robin is a journalist and poet living in England.

Featured Image:“Why” by Weixing Wang. “This painting is based on a true story. A mother and son were arrested in China simply because they practice Falun Gong. Being beaten, the boy held back his tears asking: Why? Why did the policemen beat my mom and me?”

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