You came to life from dreams and thoughts and whispers.
You were told and you were – forever true.
The centuries have left you young and graceful.
I come to ask you: please, let me be you!

The one who thought you gave your words and accents.
Sheltered by time, your words blossomed and grew.
Yet you have got no voice: you’re always waiting
For one. I pray you: let me speak for you!

Your humble friend, your servant and your echo
I’ll be. In me your portrait will be true.
My voice, my eyes, the way my laughter rises:
The things which make me me will make me you.

Tonight I’ll bring your words out in the open,
Tonight your life will shine, ancient and new.
Our stories intertwined ignite the darkness.
We are both so alive, when I am you.



Francesca Cappelli was born in 1983 near Florence (Italy), where she lives and works as a history teacher in junior high school. Her interests and activities include writing, songwriting, singing and theatre. Some of her short stories and poems were published in italian anthologies.

Featured Image: “David Garrick as Richard III” by William Hogarth. English actor David Garrick in 1745 in the titular role in Act V, Scene 3 of Shakespeare’s Richard III. This scene takes place just before the battle of Bosworth Field, Richard’s sleep having been haunted by the ghosts of those he has murdered, wakes to the realization that he is alone in the world and death is imminent.

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