Imprisonment, torture, pathetic wrong –
begat from  a people of age-old culture,
wit, classic beauty, artistry and song:
practices akin to hyena,  vulture,
or other sadistic depravity –
such is the state of Red China today.
Subject to degrading atrocity,
Falun Gong, spiritual bouquet,
bright light of hope for millions worldwide –
is persecuted – thought easy prey –
even its very existence denied,
wrought by ideologies of foul decay.
This vile evil’s a despicable taunt.
to human dignity – an affront.


Jim Dunlap’s poetry has been published in print and online in the United States, England, France, India, Australia, Switzerland and New Zealand, over 90 publications, including Potpourri, Candelabrum, Plainsongs and the Paris/Atlantic. He is an Admin Controller for He was the co-editor of Sonnetto Poesia and was newsletter editor for seven years with the Des Moines Area Writers’ Network.  He’s been in the Writer’s Digest top 100 in unrhymed and rhymed verse and the literary short story.

Featured Image: “A Tragedy in China” by Yuan Li. Painting description: A wife weeps beside her husband, who has been tortured to death at a brainwashing center. He holds in his hand a document that he was forced to sign, a pledge that defames Falun Gong. (

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3 Responses

  1. Katy

    This is a great poem – it speaks about what is most truly important for human kind, freedom, and the effect of letting evil win – the issue of moral decay, good versus evil. It is also eloquent and clear, no tricky word play, but to the point.

  2. Damian Robin

    When I first read this I wanted to write words of encouragement and thanks to Jim but couldn’t find the right words. I often overthink things. This persecution is the gravest thing in the world, overwhelming and ignored. Thank you for saying so clearly and simply what is going on.


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