Metaphorical Meditation Musings

My thoughts, like waves of ocean’s surface swells
that roll repeatedly, then crash on shore,
neglect to find how silent treasure dwells
in depths of calmness closer to mind’s floor,
where winds cannot whip frenzy nor implore
illusion’s masterful inventions be
explored, like coral reefs I must adore
or shells inscribed with artful mystery.
But no, to taste life’s nectar I must quell
ideas and dive deep inside stillness–reach
where insight rings a peal upon truth’s bell
with potent realization none can preach.
The art of meditation has no word–
describing it is utterly absurd.


Eyes Cast Upon the Sun-glazed Sea

Eyes cast upon the sun-glazed sea,
I sip the sweetness of Your song
with cadenced heartbeats. Harmony
breathes through all life that sings along
in silent rapture’s ecstasy
as rhythmic waves percuss, enforced
by whistling wind. The melody
seems scented by a sweetened source
voiced right from light, as if the notes
hold golden hue; and now I merge
into the sky–my spirit floats
in blissful peace, with tunes that verge
upon the rim of radiance.
I sense vast emptiness so rich
with deep, uncertain brilliance,
which hums a tune at highest pitch
beyond perceptibility
of mind, and yet I hear its tone;
it leads me in acclivity
to reach a mystic truth unknown.


Insight’s Garland

Sweet spring bouquets bring sensual scent’s allure,
vivacious as a childhood’s cheerful blooms
unburdened by the wounds old-folk endure,
still pure and yet to enter all life’s rooms.
Though beauty lives in nascent buds of youth,
the finest wine matures upon the vine
entwined around illumined poles of truth
which shine in those who’ve made their hearts a shrine.
Such wisdom ripens strong in autumn years
adorned by aster and chrysanthemums–
like lotus in the mud, not ruled by fears
of winter’s sleep, where sacred silence strums.
The ones who harvest insight recognize
a mystic glory garlands spirit’s prize.


Rama Devi is a poet living in India.

Featured Image: “Pure Lotus” by Zhengping Chen. The woman in this painting practices the sitting meditation, the fifth exercise of Falun Gong. Lotus flowers blooming around her indicate the purifying effect of the meditation on both mind and body.

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