Where Does the Sky Begin or End?

Where does the sky begin or end?
The sea above, the stars attend?
Burn bright, a galaxy anew
Not in the sky we see so blue

Could paint a line up to the moon
Hear melody of nighttime tune
Look up into the midnight black
Then wouldst I say I’m back on track?

Comets, stardust, fly overhead
Below, the creatures drift to bed
Meteor metal reflects light
Above, there’s not a soul in sight.


Endless Blue

Somewhere blossoms soak up the spring sunshine,
While my skin absorbs salty ocean brine.
A good day is on the weather forecast,
But how much bad can happiness outlast?

Crabs scuttle across sand, fish make a splash,
Still I suffer from misfortune whiplash,
Can’t get my mind off nature’s heinous crimes,
Why chaos strikes at inopportune times.

White seagulls squeak as they sail overhead,
Matching the clouds in their endless blue bed.
It’s when you stare up at infinite blue,
The world no longer seems out to get you.


Sierra July is a poet living in Florida.

Featured Image: “Shrewsbury River” by John Frederick Kensett (1816-1872)

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