As day begins in honey’d light,
I watch a flock of geese take flight.
They fly formation heading south
o’er field and stream, past river’s mouth.

Where in that clearing, such a sight,
as day begins in honey’d light!
There stands a doe with speckled fawn,
while muted colors greet the dawn.

And through the grasses, breezes sweep
to wake the mice who soundly sleep.
As day begins in honey’d light,
small creatures scurry out of sight.

For eagle soars with talons spread,
and fills his prey with mighty dread –
poor gentle rabbit, full of fright
as day begins in honey’d light.


Lilac Lace

Let me lie under lilac lace;
embrace my soul and feel my joy.
The tears I‘ve shed were not in vain;
mercy is here, peace to employ.

No sickness now, not wracked with pain;
no sorrow, trial or test of faith
for vanquished is my enemy:
disease and pain, darkness’ wraith.

Bury my shell ‘neath lilac lace.
Embrace my joy and feel my soul.
If tears you shed, they’ll be in vain,
for resting here, I’m fin’lly whole.


Dawn Munro is a writer and poet living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Featured Image: “Bewicks Swans” by Martin Ridley

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