Click: a Pic of Xi Jinping
By Lu “Reed Cabs” Wei

He rolls along, like as a giant panda bear,
the present tyrant of Red China—Xi Jinping,
appearing in his black and white, fine, formal wear,
with his half-smiling, smarm-offensive, Gigi bling.
His state is kingly, yes, imperially fat;
a billion at his bidding buy his cheap ka-ching
and happily jump in to his well-oiled vat
to watch his sleezy, cheesy, song and dance routine.
But everybody doesn’t get the welcome mat,
like Abe in Japan, or people in Beijing
who practice Falun Gong in that polluted air;
nor need the Dalai Lama come to see Tibet.


A Modern Imperialist Power
By DeBuis Lawrece

“It’s only natural for Russia to take Crimea.
Why should China vote against that?” -Lu “Be Scared” Wei

Imperialism’s not dead. It presses on
in China: for example, in Xinjiang,
where Uighurs are succumbing to the will of Han;
or in Tibet, where Han destroy th’ indigenous.
Recall how nearly all the monasteries then
were ransacked and destroyed by Mao Zedong’s Red Guards.
“We will make China red from inside out, and then
we’ll make the World red, and then the Cosmic Sky.”
So is it any shock that China claims Taiwan,
and all the Sea beside Malaysia and Brunei?
beside the Philippines and also Vietnam?
You’re kidding me—they also claim the Spratly Isles?


Featured Image: “Red Wall” by Kunlun Zhang. Painting description: This work records the personal experience and internal turmoil of the artist, Professor Kunlun Zhang. Professor Zhang was imprisoned in China for three months, during which time he experienced physical and mental torture, including brainwashing. The two white Chinese characters (meaning persecution) on the red wall represent the persecution of Falun Gong in China, which is so oppressive that it makes China seem like one big prison. The crack in the wall indicates that despite the red wall’s menace and seeming invincibility, its collapse has already begun. (

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  1. Lu "Reed ABCs" Wei

    Red Wall by Kunlun Zhang

    Chained to the wall of persecution are two men.
    The man upon the left in light blue shorts just hangs
    bent over, hardly human, maybe near his end.
    The man upon the right in white is stretched in pain.
    Between the two a musing man in yellow sits.
    Below, in uniform, two men observe the “gang.”
    Behind, a wall of red and huge white characters
    in Chinese, meaning persecution, rises high;
    but in that wall that is so wide and tall there is
    some cracking going on. Above, and at its height,
    at left, are faint black clouds, at right, in zhen shan ren,
    a spirit flies, perhaps a Falun Dafa child.


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