Some People Say

Some people say
that giraffes were petite
and they grew their necks out
to properly eat,
or they were once dinosaurs
who lost their wings.
But I know God makes
serendipitous things.


I Had A Pair

I had a pair of tennis shoes
who caught a cold and couldn’t play,
therefore I tucked them into bed,
opened the window—sky was grey—
turned on the radio for them…
that’s when my sneakers spoke:
“I’d like to lie here for a while
and listen to Baroque.”


Goodnight Daytime!

Goodnight daytime!
It’s rainy outdoors.
It’s wintry and cloudy
out here on the moors.
My socks live way over
in one of those drawers.
These quilts are much warmer
than icy wood floors.

I might have a toothache…
it hurts all the time.
My teeth love warm sunshine
and coconut lime.
My nose enjoys breezes
that jingle the chimes,
not cold wind that freezes…
Oh, goodnight daytime!


Scáth Beorh is a poet living in Florida.

“The Nubian Giraffe” by Jacques Laurent Agasse (1767 to 1849)

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