I saw the face of beauty fixed
Upon the rising sun
Beyond all mortal compliment
Her loveliness there shone

Within the constellations set
Against the heav’nly realm
She glittered ‘cross the universe
My heart to overwhelm

The Seven Sisters ne’er could light
All heaven like her smile
Nor Aphrodite’s sweetest face
The spirit to beguile

Then here beneath the starry dome
She rests upon the land
Encaptured by the glist’ning streams
And meadows, broadly spanned

For lying thus in fields of green
With flowers in her hair
The benediction of her charms
Is full beyond compare

She dances like a pearly wraith
Upon the crested waves
So comely bound in all that which
Imagination craves

Her voice is likened to the song
The Mousai sing at dawn
And sunlight does her aspect grace
In fields of golden corn

May beauty steal my eyes away
From all in darkness veiled
And grant to me her precious gift
‘Gainst which all else is paled

O beauty shall you hearken thus
My joy forever be
For beauty dwells within the soul
As beauty is to me



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6 Responses

    • Valerie Dohren

      Thank you for reading and commenting Shari Jo, much appreciated, and pleased you liked.

    • Valerie Dohren

      Thank you for reading and commenting James, much appreciated, and so pleased you liked.

  1. Dick lackman

    Another beautiful poem by Val.
    her rhyme and rhythm are always perfect and her romantic style and content transcends most modern poetry.

  2. Robin

    The image of Greek mythology in your poem is so interesting. I am looking for the poems containing Greek gods and goddesses.


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