Our Day in the Sun

We, each of us, every one
Have had our day in the sun
Came a time that day was done

Let us then no longer dwell
On what we consider we did well
Time moves on –so must we all.


If for Change You Are Reaching

If for change you are reaching
Do something – cease the preaching
An act of kindness done right now
Improves the world a small somehow

“Love thy neighbor”: just a platitude
A better message:  “Simply care”
Manifests a correct attitude
Toward everyone from everywhere

For the sake of humanity
Let’s rid ourselves of the apathy
That separates each from another
And treat each as our brother.


The Penthouse in the Distance

The penthouse in the distance
Provides a lofty view
Exposing a wide expanse
Revealing neither me nor you

Even with a telescope
They know not what we do
Nor do they care or want to cope
With the likes of me or you

Why in turn should we then care
What they do when they’re up there
Or even bother at them to stare?
Genuine people are found down here.


Robert King is a retired lawyer and poet living in California.

Featured Image: “Among The Sierra Nevada Mountains,” 1868 by Albert Bierstadt.

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  1. Ruth

    Amazing perceptual depth . This Poet scribes with his soul and not a pen! Sharp creative artistry.


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