Life’s Golden Key

Like the sparrow, robin and crow
sharing in a concrete birdbath,
mortals require kindness to grow,
pleasantly exploring life’s path.

Each gifted day, time is borrowed
to search and find life’s golden key.
Somewhere, in dark depths of sorrow,
glows kindness for eager hearts to see.

On faces of dear friends, warm smiles
flash signals of peace and good will.
Gracious phone calls surpass the miles.
Days later, kindness echoes still.

Carrying this cordial bouquet,
kindness delivers dividends
to give and take along our way-
sweet windswept petals Heaven sends.


Aiming For Peace

Follow Falun Dafa; heal the spirit.
Attune virtue’s voice within to hear it.
Seek truthfulness, forbearance, compassion
for daily serene mind-body fashion.
Wisdom and harmony, held ever close,
could assure supreme peace of the cosmos.

Exercise cultivates body and mind;
spiritual perfection, our goal to find.
While we forsake those worldly attachments,
we gain supernatural enhancements.
Glorious sunshine, moonlight and bright stars-
Peaceful blue sky; world without threat of wars.


The Escape Toward Grace

Swiftly, calendar pages turn;
Greet winter, spring, summer and fall.
Sunrise, sunset…the days adjourn.
Evergreens climb the garden wall.

The crunch of footsteps, deep in snow
Early rosebuds, sweet scent of spring
Crimson crepe myrtles, gold yarrow
Crisp brown and coral leaves on wing.

Savored, chocolate melts like the days.
That final goodbye hug will flee.
Yet, love’s spirit endures…always;
Tides flow endlessly through God’s sea.


Sandra Sowers Platt is a poet living in Columbia, South Carolina.

Featured Image: “Roses of Heliogabalus,” 1888, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

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