“Power comes from the barrel of a gun,”
That was the essence of Mao’s logic.
Millions have perished under his gun.
What was the purpose of Mao’s logic?
He claimed that he brought peace throughout the land.
Did he do it for socialism’s sake?
His revolutions disrupted the land
So much that he had begun to forsake
His duty to free those he claimed to help.
Much of China’s history was destroyed;
Mao didn’t do anything to help
The Chinese people from being destroyed.
Power isn’t from the use of the gun.
China became weaker under the gun.


An Ode To Internet

Oh Internet, you are my best friend.
You entertain me, you educate
Me, you connect me to all of my friends
Whom I can’t be with. Humanity’s fate
Rests in your ability to perform.
Commerce would fail if you were to die out.
Modern man owes much of his present form
To your great wonder! You give us a route
For us to express our thoughts on your
Waves and bring about change throughout the world!
Oh Internet, you open the door for
Humanity! You bring light to the world.
You’re greatest thing since the printing press.
Your beauty is hard for me to express.


Steve Johns is a poet living in DeKalb, Illinois.

Featured Image from the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

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