Where Can I Find You?

A girl, with hair the colour of honey,
giggled while she chased a little bunny
through fields of golden hay and black cherries.
Suddenly she stopped and asked a fairy,
“Beauty, you only appear to a few.
When you’re not with me, where can I find you?”

With hair of fire and wings of midnight
blue, Beauty whispered with a smile so bright,
“Child, I am wherever you choose. Despair
shall never claim you, for I’m everywhere.
I am found in the whisper of the trees
that stir the light dance of the autumn leaves.
I am the joyous laugh of the flowers
and the tears of the angels through rain showers.
You see me when the sun kisses the moon.
You hear me when birds chirp their pretty tune.”

The girl added a rose to her flow’r crown.
Light shone in her eyes of dark green and brown.
Her soft head fell on the fairy’s shoulder.
She asked the last question she had for her,
“Beauty, will I be like you one day too?
Yes, child. There’ll always be beauty in you.”


Poetry Speaks

Poetry speaks in form with “Once upon a time…”
Beauty is the melody creat’d by metre,
The crescendo of each mine ending with a rhyme.
Stanzas are little fairytales with promise
Of the words living happily ever after.



Truthfulness escapes my lips
But your ears refuse to hear.
Instead, your iron hand grips
My tongue, silencing me with fear.

Compassion flows through my heart.
My small hands proffer a piece.
You seize and tear it apart,
Little shreds of broken peace.

Tolerance builds my strong frame.
But you shame me, stealing my
Organs for your secret game.
I’m left crying, asking, “Why?”


We disappear in the night.
But the world’s the biggest sleuth.
People will promote our fight.
They shall uncover the truth.


Grayson Chong is a Canadian high school student in grade 12 who writes flash fiction, poetry, and short stories. Her works have been featured in Brilliant Flash Fiction, Young Authors of Canada, Young Voices 2014, and Polar Expressions Publishing Company.

Featured Image: “Cock Robin Defending His Nest” by John Anster Fitzgerald (1819-1906).

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