Rose Window

Firs at sunset cast golden geometries
As myriad needles swarm like bees
And burst into sun-kindled flame –
A rose window without its frame.


Falun Dafa

Fingers curved like willow stems,
Dancers bow before killers’ blows,
Soldiers whose helmets bear red stars
Soldiers whose eyes rage red stars –
Over brown stones, bright blood flows
From fingers curved like stems.


Far Snows

Wind in pines is with me
Singing life’s small harmony
With melt-waters and ice –
Only senses now suffice.

Sunlight glints on peaks black and torn,
On blue snows where wind was born.
Cock-robin on a branch nearby
Awaits my smile before he’ll fly.


Robert Walton is a writer, educator, and poet living in California.

Featured Image: Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim

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