First Prize ($500): Reid McGrath
Winning Poems: “Tares in the Wheat” “A Recurring Dream, Vanquished” “Retreating Snow” “Lamenting Our Complicity in the Installation of Suicide Nets” “Three Trojan Perspectives”


Second Prize ($100): James Sale
Winning Poems: “Apollo Builds Troy with His Lyre” “The Commissars Oppose Falun Gong” “Noah Survives Cancer”

Third Prize ($100): Mike Ruskovich
Winning Poems: “The Greatest Wall of China” “The River Wye” “Nuclear Thinking” “Interpretation”

Fourth Prize ($100): Bruce Dale Wise
Winning Poems: “A Father’s Poem” “610 Office” “A Guy Flopped Out upon a Tile Floor” “The Little Kindnesses” “I Saw a Giant Train”


High School Prize ($100): Darlene Wolenski
“A Battle of Good versus Evil Part I” “A Battle of Good versus Evil Part II” “A Battle of Good versus Evil Part III”

High School Prize ($100): Abigail Zhong
“My Friend” “The Shore” “Icarus Rising”


Honorable Mentions:

Ron L. Hodges
“Shadow of the Laogai” “A Plea to Scylla” “Adrift in the Sea”

Ellen Lou
“Just a Dream Part I” “Just a Dream Part II” “Just a Dream Part III” “An Ode to New Beginnings”


All of the above winning poems are featured on this website or will be featured within the next few months. All poems of the first and second prize winners and most of the other poems will also be featured in the Society’s 2015 Journal, due out in late Winter.

Note: The scheduled essay prize was eliminated due to lack of submissions and was replaced with an additional high school prize this year.

Views expressed by individual poets and writers on this website and by commenters do not represent the views of the entire Society. The comments section on regular posts is meant to be a place for civil and fruitful discussion. Pseudonyms are discouraged. The individual poet or writer featured in a post has the ability to remove any or all comments by emailing submissions@ with the details and under the subject title “Remove Comment.”

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