Record the past and gift-wrap the future
Explain the rules of classical culture
Listen to the stories plaintively wrought
In candlelit taverns for the heroes that fought
In wars long-forgotten except by the brave
And mothers that weep and pray at the grave –
Of each and every valiant young son –
Because honor demanded the battle is won!

The poets of fancy in a peacock display
Feather their lines in a frivolous way
The flag-waving faceless bask in the glory
Of those not able to tell the true story
Marooned or dead on a far distant shore
“God, King, and Country,” each one swore!
Honor required that they should be bold
And they were, those boys, now silent and cold

The tanks roll forward with evil intent
The infernal gunfire does not relent
Shells explode and the enemy attack
The cowards that flee are shot in the back
As bombs erupt and bullets of steel
Shatter frail bodies that no longer feel
The pain and torment of this evil world
And in their absence the flags are unfurled

The Unknown Soldier honored beneath
The Cenotaph receives a poppy wreath
Silent we stand as the bells strike eleven!
And prayers are said for the brave men –
Taken in battle and remembered now
As the heroes that fought row upon row
Solid and strong and they did not retreat
Valiant and brave the foe to defeat!

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