Burrowed down in leaves of brown
piled by the garden wall,
our Billy cat dreamed of a rat
he’d chased down through the hall.
Up from the creek came Max the dog,
exhausted from his run,
but hearing purring at the wall
resolved to have some fun.
So with a most ferocious growl
he charged in fierce delight,
awakening the lazy thing
who hastily took flight.
With dry leaves rising in his wake,
Bill scaled that garden wall,
in such a way that others say
seemed little feat at all.
But Max, unable to slow down
and thus abort attack,
slid through the leaves like rows of sheaves
and hit the wall kerwhack!
Now Billy from his perch on high
seemed vaguely unconcerned,
the staggering pooch providing proof,
a lesson had been learned..
So Billy licked a paw or two
and curled up quite content;
the purring cat concluding that
the day had been well spent.


Don Shook, past president of the Fort Worth Poetry Society and founder of The Actors Company, is a writer, actor, director and producer who worked with such stars as Dick Clark, Cybil Shepherd, and Debbie Reynolds.  Formerly with the NBC “Tonight” show and ABC Daytime Television Casting  with Mari Lyn Henry, he has performed in theatre, film and television across the country including opera at Carnegie Hall, New York and as resident performer at Casa Manana Musicals in Fort Worth and Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington.  His musical “A Thorn in the Thicket” was selected by ASCAP to be featured in the Outstanding New Musical Showcase in New York City and was recently produced at the Botanic Garden Theatre in Fort Worth.  He is an award-winning author who recently published novels “Bluehole” and “Detour” and four poetry books, and was selected 2009 Senior Poet Laureate of Texas.  Having produced and directed at three theatres in Branson, Missouri, The Crystal Palace Dinner Theatre in Dallas and numerous other theatres, his company, Don Shook Productions now offers shows ranging from murder mysteries to musical reviews.www.shookshows.com

Image by loki11 (l’illustration Européenne 1872 no.28 page 224) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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