Is it ISIS or ISIL?
I think it is the latter
It really doesn’t matter
True, ISIS rhymes with crisis
Let’s not lose our heads about this
But ISIL rhymes with evil
And also with the devil

So if reason still prevails
The devil’s in the details.


Robert King is a retired lawyer and poet living in California.

Featured Image: “Battle of the Crusades” by Jan van Huchtenberg, Oil on Canvas Signed, 1720

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3 Responses

  1. Joan Gilbert

    Exccellent poem for the days
    we are living in. Isil actually does
    make more sense, though most
    call them Isis. Who cares of their
    name, only have a desire that they
    burn in Hell.

  2. Ruth

    An amazing mixture of satire and reality. Interesting . A usual component of Robert Kings work.


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