Your steps, unequal, hasten, departing from the race
Where dust’s all that’s awarded, where just the fit survive,
Pursuing trifles, anguished, forgetful of life’s grace.
The farther from this downslide, the more you feel alive.

Inside the concert hall now, in dimness calm you dive,
The yearning for competing is fading to the past.
While waiting in the silence, predestined souls arrive,
With spirited eyes, thousands – the gong resounds at last…

A vivid show commences, surreal scenes unfold,
‘Mid thunderous applauding, the vast orchestral tide
Imbues the mind with meanings divine, through music told,
As Shen Yun brings the singers with Buddhas side by side.

As one, the godly chorus and human voices flow,
Stentorian the tenors, sopranos’ brilliance thrills.
The Truth throughout the ripples of sound dispels the woe
Of every heart that listens, which beaming peace now fills.

The pantheon of voices with mighty virtue wrought
Cascades of microcosms spreads forth from realms divine,
‘Mid tears of joy reviving the hopes you long forgot,
When breathing the compassion sent out with every line.

Then falls the final curtain – to end and to begin,
The storms of sin all vanished, now dawns the Spring foretold,
Plum blossoms blooming countless. Delivered, you have seen
The future’s brilliance – dazzling, the Truth draws near… behold!


Daniel Magdalen is a graduate student in the Faculty of Letters at the University of Bucharest, in Romania.

Featured Image: Soprano Geng Haolan performed “The Purpose of Life” at the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra concert in Boston on October 9, 2013. (Photo courtesy of Epoch Times)

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