The captain on this night would have no rest
A storm rages and moves in from the West
And the heathen banshees screech and wail
As the waves bring down the mast and sail
On a ship that would lose skipper and men

In a precipitation at gale force ten
Then destined to drift on the endless tides
Battered and beaten, attacked on all sides
Above in the sky an albatross flew (When)
A ghost in the crow’s nest said it once knew
At least four and twenty jolly jack tars –
That performed a hornpipe beneath the stars
Upon the deck in shoes with buckles bright
(The cabin boy was drunk – his head was ‘light’)
And each glass was filled with fiery rum
As the concertina played along with the drum
A toast was made to the king and his son –
And the navy for the battles they had won!
O come now lads a shanty we shall sing –
The girls in port shall have a wedding ring!
The spirit remembered the halcyon days
Of those now at peace in watery graves!


Featured Image: “Shipwreck” by Claude-Joseph Vernet (1714- 1789)

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