By Sri Wele Cebuda

Around the Dharma Wheel spins,
around and round it goes.
It never pauses nor begins,
it simply travels, o!

Though millions fly off from its whirl,
and thousands perish too,
it draws in love from all the World,
the kind, the good and true.

And though some long to stop its turn,
they may as well attempt
to halt the Sun from its great burn
with nothing but contempt.

“Dharmachakra” literally means “Law Wheel” in English or “Falun” in Chinese


Abuse of Falun Dafa

By Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei

Abuse of Falun Gong adherents goes on to this day.
The Chinese Communists attempt to make it go away.
They want a permanent solution to their problem, yes,
enforced ideological conversions that repress
and strong coercive measures to outlaw it from the land;
re-education, torture and death too are what is planned.
How many thousands practicing the Dharma Wheel’s spin
of tolerance, compassion, and pure truthfulness have been
exterminated by intolerance and brutal plies?
The Chinese Communists attempt to crush it from their eyes.


The Chinese Cyber Criminals

By Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei

“We’re hemorrhaging information at a dizzying rate…” —Admiral James Winnefeld

Four million US government employees were attacked
by workers in the flat-gray, Shanghai highrise, who have hacked
their records. As is usual, the Communists deny
they are the dedicated adversary—th’ oft-told lie.
Because of this evolving threat and major data breach,
Americans have been informed they better watch this leech,
to monitor accounts and freeze their credit chronicles,
to change their passwords—Chinese ruthlessness is prodigal.
Cyber security has been hit by that cruel crew;
malicious software is installed with search engine Baidu.


The Fate of Raif Badawi

By Saudi Becrewel

The Saudi Kingdom’s Highest Court upheld the punishment
of Raif Badawi for insulting Islam—giving vent
through electronic media—one thousand lashes and
ten years in prison. As of yet the blogger’s floggings stand
at fifty, but the international protests delayed
subsequent beatings. At the outcry Saudis were dismayed.
It is not known why his chastisement has yet been postponed,
though medical reports find he should not be thrashed (or stoned).
Saudi Arabia enforces strict Islam assent,
and does not often tolerate political dissent.


A Sighting of Apollo

By Ercules Edibwa

When suddenly I came upon Apollo bathed in light.
I saw him rising o’er the hills within my line of sight.
I longed to ask him many things, but he was unconcerned;
and then, although he did not see me, I saw his head turned.
I wondered what his mission was, where he was going to,
appearing in the open air, right there within my view.
I longed to follow him up there in his pursuit of truth
and beauty, scintillating, radiating through and through.
And though he disregarded me, I couldn’t help but feel,
he was inviting me to follow him upon his heel.


Bruce Dale Wise is a poet living in Washington State who often writes under anagrammatic pseudonyms.

Featured Image: Photograph from Glennwaters.com

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