The sorrows of many pulls upon heart strings
To accomp’ny angelic voices that sing
Voices so sweet but pain too intense to soothe
Roads traveled so rough only time’s sands can smooth
No chariot to ride worn feet wear no shoes
Seems no choice left to make but still we must choose
Don’t succumb to pain always refuse to lose

Just as before we walk we learned how to fall
Can’t stand any more? then remember to crawl
Listen to the angels they’re singing your song
“Pain is only temporal it won’t last long
You can pass the test it shall help make you strong
Don’t feel so alone we are here all along
Do the best that you can and nothing is wrong”

Let harmonious voices return your feet
Hit the ground running from the jaws of defeat
Survive the night and a new dawn will arrive
In a flash of brilliance you finely realize
It always seems darkest before the sunrise
Feel the sunshine and wipe the tears from your eyes
Watch as dawn’s grandeur reveals a blessed surprise


Featured Image: “Angel Musicians” by Hans Memling.


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