The moon, surrounded by gray lands with floating hills and cliffs of clouds,
Spreads fields of light that fade away upon the drifting misty shrouds.
The lonely park in stillness waits, its blooming trees in dreams all rest,
But now, a gentle breeze comes by to whisperingly greet a guest…

Amid the mild silver glow, upon her cast by night’s pale sun,
With velvet steps, a girl arrives. The full moon shines as rain clouds run.
Like flowers blossoming, her moves make gloom and solitude disperse,
Her legs in lotus folded tight, in meditation to immerse.

The graceful figure of the girl is wreathed in the translucent tide,
While on the waters of the pond, her mirrored solemn postures glide.
A timeless presence of high realms, whose statues sit in ancient shrines,
The Buddha’s image, through her face, in pure ethereal light shines…


Daniel Magdalen is a graduate student in the Faculty of Letters at the University of Bucharest, in Romania.

Featured Image: “Miyajima Shrine in Snow,” 1935, by Shinsui, Kawase.

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