Arizona Midnight

Strewn across the vault of ink,
Runes and constellations link-
ing platinum silver fiery space
Unfathomed grace, untiring place.

Stare until the nod of head
There until the plod to bed.

Featured Image: “Arizona Sunset” by Alex Izatt.


Beneath the Rocks

Waters, depth, and colors cold,
Daughters of the breath of old,
In the stone there stirs a word,
Grain where murmurs truth unheard



Neal Dachstadter was born in Georgia not too far from his family’s Hereford and Angus farm.  He lived in Albany,  Texas and Reno, Nevada before deploying as a Chaplain to Hawijah with the Oregon, Idaho and Montana National Guard in 2005.   Neal is currently the “House Dad, Philosopher & Caretaker” of the Louisiana State Chapter of DKE in Baton Rouge.


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    • NealD

      Thanks Eve. I got my inspiration and encouragement in Ann Arbor and Berkeley/SDG.

      That’s a Michigan Deke in the North West. I was in Arizona writing near the Border.


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