A trail it stumbled on a door,
A doubled one, upon a floor,
Some fellow just as you and me,
Approached the portal now we see,

And unobtrusive might have been,
Except he’d shed, down to the skin,
Some aspect of mundanity,
He’d cast away, like vanity.

O was it poor modernity
He’d traded, for eternity.


Neal Dachstadter was born in Georgia not too far from his family’s Hereford and Angus farm.  He lived in Albany,  Texas and Reno, Nevada before deploying as a Chaplain to Hawijah with the Oregon, Idaho and Montana National Guard in 2005.   Neal is currently the “House Dad, Philosopher & Caretaker” of the Louisiana State Chapter of DKE in Baton Rouge.

Featured Image: “Metamorphosis” by Steven J. Levin


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