It’s called “the magic hour”
Before the sun sinks low
When everything is bathed
In a warm, golden glow

Colours look much richer
Flowers, more velveteen
And a country garden
Is a haven of green

The dragonflies hover
As light glints on their wings
Tree frogs start their chorus
And sing of peaceful things


Kathy Figueroa is a writer and poet living in Ontario, Canada.

“The Magic Hour” was first published in The Bancroft Times newspaper on September 3, 2015.

Featured Image: “Sunset in the Rockies” by Albert Bierstadt.

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One Response

  1. Beau Ecs Wilder

    Sunset in the Rockies by Albert Bierstadt

    Amidst the rugged rocky tors, the setting sunlight colours all
    with amber and a touch of auburn round the waterfall.
    The scraggly trees in shades of brown surround the mountain tarn.
    Here Bierstadt set his painting, capturing the tranquil charm.
    So high up in the sky, like little dots upon a screen,
    birds fly about the lovely scenery almost unseen.
    The craggy rocks along the lake, a distant golden hill,
    this place so isolated, nearly inaccessible,
    is beautiful precisely for the reason that it is
    so far out of the way, and rare, like Bierstadt’s canvases.


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