The wind was high that horrid day.
The wind blew long and high, and I
heard three strange women hum-humming
as they came through the harvest rye.

I watched them in my childish way.
I watched them with surprise, their sighs
sent cold into me thrum-thrumming
that day the wind blew hard and high.



Scáth Beorh is a writer of Ulster and Cherokee ancestries whose books include the High Fantasy novel Black Fox In Thin Places (Emby Press, 2013), the story collections Children & Other Wicked Things (JWK Fiction, 2013) and Always After Thieves Watch (Wildside Press, 2010), the Fantasy novel October House (Emby Kids, 2015), and the poetic study Dark Sayings Of Old (JWK, 2013). Raised in New Orleans and West Florida, and having made trips to India and Ireland, he now makes a home with his joyful and imaginative wife Ember in a quaint “turn of the century” neighborhood on the Atlantic Coast of Florida.

Featured Image: “A Windy Day” by Joshua Shaw

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