Tender is the night shared in close caress
With candied kiss and floral purr, no less.
The pristine perfection of unclaimed time
Drenches air with an ephemeral chime.
Considering not money as pay off,
The gift of work may be just a day off;
Precious moments of leisure, free to write,
In an array of activities delight.
Or nestled round a sparkling tree with kin
Reflecting gold in bright eyes and flushed skin.
Here time is unkind and drifting outside
Leaves nary a chance for us to confide.
Still, hushed whispers unlock age’s riddle
As our forms stretch out from being little
And voices roar with certain fortitude,
Time’s separation may seem a bit rude.
Remember, oh darlings of sun and moon
We are equipped with familial croon-
As infant turtles intuit through foam
Love’s ebbing call will deliver us home.


Shailyn Sooter is a Seattle-based poet.

Featured Image: “Christmas Homecoming” by Norman Rockwell.

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