On the Perception of Human Beauty

Can there be a myriad of flaws so bold
As to boast their cracked imperfections?
Could it out do our high expectations?
Is there an art form so wrinkled and old
From the stress of keeping a tight hold
On the skirts of cultures stagnation-
Whose clammy hand extends into expressions
Of all art, trapping it in cases of gold.

Humans perceive our beauty through a
Tinted lens filtering time and place.
Though standards may change nearly every day
It is no surprise that a beautiful face
Will have received adoration in many ways
Since it appears in all tones, shapes, and race.


Smoke and Ash

They meditated in Tiananmen;
Police “shoot to kill” yet again.
Maybe our world would have regrets
If we pause and follow the cries
Of ongoing pain given rise
By hot irons, lit cigarettes,
To the deplorable torture
Camps by government’s order.
We must look, lest we may forget.


Katherine Todd is an undergraduate at Kansas State University. She is a double major in English and Secondary Education.

Featured Image: “Charles I in Three Positions” by Anthony van Dyck.

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