The Gathering

Upon the 400th anniversary of the founding of the town of Virginia in Ireland

Oh town of the Virgin Queen
I hear you call me back
To your ancient Way of Woods
following Vikings track

Your castle is long gone
But your market house still stands
Four hundred years have passed
Since the founding fathers hands

Your broad three-sided square
Which saw the fair days long
The church looks haughty on
Car boot sales crowds and throng

New houses now spring up
New people move around
Strange voices in the air
Of an Irish country town

I left you long ago
And went, as young men do,
To places far away
To graze on pastures new

But now you call me back
To celebrate with you
A gathering unique
Four centuries renewed


Spring Tanka

Now Spring time is here
Snow drops of white will appear
Behind them will come
Yellow harbringers of sun
Daffodils of the New Year


A Child Is Born

Today a child is born, into tomorrow’s world
A tiny little mite, around its mother curled
Is that a smile I see? They tell me its just wind
But I look upon your face and I’m the one who grins

I hope your world is kind, and all your days are glad
For this time is full of woe and many lives are sad
Lets hope that it improves, in the years which are to come,
And your future is fulfilled in whatever you become

This world can be unfair, between the rich and poor
I pray disease and death a distance from your door
Your fate may be decided by the colour of your skin
But I hope your future rests on what you are within

Tomorrow is uncertain, in this world in which we live,
But I hope that in your lifetime, you have a gift to give
The answer to our problems, or a way to carry on
Upon this little earth, third planet from the sun

A little baby sleeping, as we start a brand new year
A joyful new born bundle, who as yet knows no fear
This greeting I address you, whether boy or girl
Take care, for you inherit, our brave Tomorrow’s world


Featured Image: An Irish castle.

Brian Mc Cabe is a retired civil servant in Ireland, who is now pursuing an interest in creative writing, and has had a number of poems and short stories published in Ireland. He writes for a number of journals on the subjects of history and archaeology, and has recently published Dear Miss B: A collection of Edwardian Postcards.

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