My power does lie
In hue of the sky
In the refined folds of God’s estate

My throne I have carved
Of sapphire hard
And I crowned it with God’s ark of Jade

My hosts of legions
Number in millions
Like a cloak o’er the land are they spread

They march ever on
From old Babylon
Across bridges they built from the dead

So who are these Greeks!
The fools who dare seek
To turn a God’s tower to rubble

Heaven’s against them
My reign has no end
And my sun rests on wings immortal.


Falun Dafa


Still Falun Dafa
Lasting flame in darkened land
Fierce spark caught in ice


All That Was Lost

A Chinese medicine man
Weeps for the last tree

A Kolkata man holds his child’s funeral
Beside the last river

A Scottish hunter
Pierces the last hart

A child of cold wonder
Watches the last snow fall

She strums on the Koto
As the final wind
Takes the last cherry blossom


A.R. Harmon is a traveling writer. She has worked in various locations in Europe and California, and currently resides in New Orleans.

Featured Image: “Xerxes I Makes Esther the Jewess His Wife”

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